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By | August 18, 2022

Karnal Nagar Nigam Election Result 2023

As you all know that today on 16th December Municipal Elections were conducted. On this page we will provide you with the official Karnal Nagar Nigam Election Result 2023 as soon as it is declared. We will also provide you with the total list of candidates and who will the race with which parties they are related to.

Stay connected to this page for more information and keep checking for the result. This year the Mayor was not selected by the councilor as it used to be. This time public voted for the post of Mayor.

Live Counting Status: रेनू बाला ने आशा वाधवा को 9348 मतों से मात दे कर मेयर सीट जीत ली है।

Karnal Nagar Nigam Result

रेनू बाला अपनी बढ़त लगातार बनाए हुए हैं। Round 21/21:

रेनू बाला  आशा वाधवा वोटों का अंतर
69960 Votes 60612 Votes 9348 Votes

Haryana Nagar Nigam Election 2023: Live Counting Status

Event Date
Voting Date
Nagar Prishad 14
Nagar Palika 28
Total Voters 1385966
Total Districts 05
No. of Wards 136
Polling Booths 1092
Mayor Election Result Date

Karnal Nagar Nigam MC Election 2023 – Candidates List

In this article we are providing you with Karnal Nagar Nigam MC Candidates List

2023. We will also tell you which candidate is representing from which ward, with the names of candidates who have won and how many votes has been given to these candidates. Stay on this page for more information about Karnal Nagar Nigam Result 2023.

Sr. No. Name of Candidates Name of Winner Candidates
1.  नवीन कुमार एडवोकेट Update Soon
2. गुरप्रीत भिंडर Update Soon
3. बबली पत्नी देवेंद्र सिंह Update Soon
4. नेहा रानी पुत्री लेखराज गर्ग Update Soon
5. सुभाष कश्यप Update Soon
6. नीलम देवी पत्नी राजेंद्र सिरसी Update Soon
7.  जितेंद्र शर्मा Update Soon
8. मेघा भंडारी पुत्रवधू अशोक भंडारी Update Soon
9.  मुकेश अरोड़ा Update Soon
10.  वीर विक्रम कुमार Update Soon
11. रमनजीत कौर पत्नी गुरिंद्र सिंह विर्क Update Soon
12. मोनिका गर्ग पुत्रवधू कृष्ण गर्ग Update Soon
13.  विजय सिंगला Update Soon
14. रामचंद्र काला Update Soon
15. सोनिया पंडित पत्नी नरेंद्र पंडित Update Soon
16.  रजनी परोचा Update Soon
17. गजे सिंह सैनी Update Soon
18. हरीश कुमार Update Soon
19. राजेश अग्धी पुत्र भगवान दास अग्धी Update Soon
20.  सुधीर यादव Update Soon

Karnal Mayor Election Result 2023 Nagar Nigam Candidates list

In the table down below we are providing you with the Karnal Mayor Election Candidates list 2023. As soon as the result is declared we will update you on this page. We will provide you the live feed here on this page regarding the Karnal Nagar Nigam Election Result. So, stay connected with us here on this page.

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